Sell your house in 11 days or 316 – It’s up to you

August 24, 2010 § Leave a comment

All sellers want the highest price in the shortest time possible.  I explain that price and time work hand-in-hand.  The better the price the quicker the sale. I put a listing under contract in only 11 days this week.  We placed it a little below what other houses were selling for (market value) and got an offer with the first showing. The home had some appealing updates and amenities to compel the buyer. In addition to that, I received an offer on another listing of mine after 316 days.  We took in to considertaion the location, floor plan, neighborhood statistics, and condition when setting the price. However, limited adjustments were made in repositioning the listing in the market place and it took a long time to sell.  When the house is listed it goes “LIVE” within 24 hours to all buyers and agents searching for homes in that area. The property is “OPEN” 24-7 with my web-driven marketing. It’s up to me to get the house noticed, and it’s up to the seller to get it priced right so it will sell. If it’s not getting shown and or no offers made – it is priced too high.


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